Jászok Kincse Kft .

Jászok Kincse Kft

Jászok Kincse mineral water

Free shipping to your house

Jászok Kincse Kft

We are glad to inform all interesting parties,that our mineral water in Budapest and in district of 15 km of Budapest may be ordered with free shipping to your house.
You may receive more details about buying conditions at the web site below:

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Water balloon!

19 literes ballon

Our water will be available in 19 litre balloons already in this month presumably.
Order details inside a couple of days here and at Facebook!

The story of the artesian well

Artézi kút

The 221 metre artesian well in Dósa was built from gifts and legacies in 1902 by Antal Hoffer drillmaster from Berény for 7800 crown, that was the price of 30 fatted oxen in those days. From the distinguished substances a well was built with big care and it served the community with the county’s best water until 1980.
The positive well dried up because of the area’s water removal and the balance of the supply was disturbed.
The water treasure remained, however it did not come up already without pumps. Jászdózsa public utility water supply was already solved by this time, but the nostalgia for the artesian well – „what place of rendezvous it was, not to speak about its water”… – remained. Due to Gyula Kerényi’s search that was begun for the revival of the well, achieved success, the restoration was finished by July 2001..

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Treasure of Jászok /Treasure of Jász people/

Jászok Kincse

The JÁSZOK KINCSE is a mineral water of special composition, rich in macro-and microelements, naturally alkaline, non-carbonated mineral water iodinated – its carbonated version is pH neutral.
The Treasure of Jászok lying in the Northern Great Plains /Észak-Alföld/ region, located in the village Jászdózsa is natural mineral water, lifting out from a 221 meter deep well. Exploratory drillings determined, that the water layer had been formed in the more than 3.5 million year old Pannonian Sea sediment first.
The well built in 1902 is of deep drilling, with copper liner, it is a unique home special historical monument.

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